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When Insult is added to Injury

When the world has gone mad it is up to the rest of us to remain calm and make sense of what is going on and define and guide us into what is to come. Yes, I do believe the world has gone mad, again. I may be wrong but maybe we are just repeating what we have done over and over before. Is this simply deja vu or what some may call insanity. Are we doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? On the other hand, are we ready to make the evolutionary leap into a new paradigm to be ushered in by the next generation?

I am a glass-half-full kind of guy so I am going to go with the latter.

The events of the last week require a full-scale response from the nation as a whole with nothing less than total commitment to change. What this will look and sound like is unknown. We are aware of the problem and it has been stated over and over again but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears. Too often the aggrieved can and will claim that their grievances have been stated but no one seems to be listening. Hence, the deaths of people of color at the hands of those entrusted with protecting and serving the community continue to pile up. The uprisings and demonstrations of violence that have occurred throughout the nation alongside otherwise peaceful protests are symptomatic of a nation ready to burst at the seams from the anger and resentment that for too long has gone unheeded by the powers that be. Do we really need to continue to experience tragedy after tragedy before anyone dares to stand up and say enough is enough? Or are we ready to evolve and change our paradigm and our story to make a future that is viable for all concerned base don equity

selflessness and love? We may be a child nation but we have so much we can share with the world and it is time we stand up and make a stand for the values we so cherish that represent what this country is about and what we truly value.

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