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The Globally Competent Traveler

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Travel Blog #3

Berlin Train Station

How do you get around? The likely response to this question is via an automobile. If you are anything like me you do not own an automobile and rely on public transportation or a bicycle to convey yourself between locales. Every major city in the world has different means of transportation. Some are better equipped than others.

As a resident of Philadelphia I have

accustomed to using our local bus system: SEPTA aka SouthEastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. This system is well equipped to haul masses of human beings on a daily basis from many varied venues.

A person can literally travel to most any place in the country from Philadelphia via Busses, Trains,Trolleys, Taxis, Airplanes, Regional Rail lines etc.

I have had the good fortune to have been raised in New York City and the availability of modes of travel is equally impressive. Needless to say a Globally Competent traveler should be able to navigate said systems and make their way through the world by whatever means are available. This was the case in Germany. I was truly impressed with the extent and quality of the systems in place for getting from place to place.

In both Bonn and Berlin one can find excellent ways to get around including Busses, Trains, Trolleys, Bicycles, and of course the old standby walking. Schedules are readily available and service is timely. Of particular note is the fact that passengers ride on an honor system. You are expected to have paid your fare and no one checks to make sure you have done so.

There is a standing understanding that you may be subject to fare checks randomly and will suffer consequences for violations.

Germany also has an extensive regional rail system for getting to more distant destinations. These are like our Amtrak and other regional rail lines. Here in the United States we have impressive and beautiful central rail stations. If you travel to Germany be prepared to be duly impressed with their stations.

Traveling through Germany can be an adventure unto itself. I did not have the opportunity to travel outside of Germany to other parts of Europe but be aware that this too is available. If you don’t like driving (I don’t) you can still enjoy Germany on a grand scale. Happy Travels.

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