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Journey for Global Competence

Wow! Mindblowing. I didn't know what I was getting into and it is more than I anticipated; but as far as journeys go this has certainly developed into an interesting and exciting one. It all started with an e-mail I received with information regarding the application process for the Fulbright TGC program. I was not familiar with the program but thought this sounds like something interesting. I am always looking for new approaches to doing what I do in the classroom and this certainly seemed to fit the bill. So I filled out the application. This is an oversimplification as I soon realized there were many components to the application and it would take some time to get it all done. By then I was completely caught up in the idea of completing the application and there was no turning back. I love a good challenge. I went about completing the multiple essays, the personal reference requirements, the Principal's reference requirements, and the medical clearance. Now I wait. I waited several months before I got a response indicating I had been accepted. This was a usual timeframe as my application went in in March or April and the application indicated notifications would be made in July. At the time I was not aware that being selected for a Fulbright is considered quite an honor. I did not make a big deal of it and basically kept it to myself.

Next, we began a ten-week course learning about all kinds of great topics like the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, new technological platforms we could use to teach students and or connect with other teachers and students, as well as, of course, what it means to be Globally Competent and ways to teach this. The course was very intense and exciting as I got to interact with other teachers in the program who were in all parts of the country. The schedule was grueling as there were a lot of readings, writings, projects, and webinars involved. All of this in conjunction with keeping up with the responsibilities of my full-time teaching position. Don't get me wrong; I loved every minute of it. I tend to thrive under pressure. It was also quite awesome to engage my students in my journey as I was applying much of what I was learning into my regular classroom teaching.

Well, this is an introductory piece on my Fulbright journey into Teaching for Global Competence. Stay Tuned. I'll be back with more soon.

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