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Are We Having Fun Yet!

Covid19 has ruined life as we know it. If you are a teacher you are likely dealing with all of the same frustrations and stressors that I am dealing with. This Pandemic Era has given new meaning to the term " Information Overload". Starting with adapting to all of the virtual teaching tools and strategies, to dealing with all of the repercussions and mandates for covid19 and the social-emotional learning impacts on our students. Add to those the fallout from protests relating to the deaths of African Americans at the hands of police and the call for anti-racist training, implementation, and changes to society in general. I don't know about you but I wish I could just retire right now.

Unfortunately, being able to retire does not make you immune to all of the problems that all of the above engender. A saying I keep hearing repeated is "Silence equals complicity." It is not that I wish to wash my hands of my responsibility to remain engaged. It is more about feeling overwhelmed and undersupported. It makes it difficult to hold myself up much less to be an effective advocate for anyone else especially my students.

Needless to say, there are not many options and so I live another day to do what has to be done and continue to hope for the best. As we begin the new school year with a vague idea of what that will look like I will prepare to the best of my ability. I wish everyone all the best as we enter these uncharted waters and usher in this new era evolving our practice and our world as we go along.

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