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We live in a Globally Interconnected world. As we navigate our course through time it is necessary for a society to understand the changes occurring that will impact the manner in which its citizens interact with the rest of the world.  Educators are in a unique position to develop the necessary tools for preparing the next generation for addressing those needs. Teaching for Global Competence provides a framework from which to engage students in the acquisition of the knowledge and skills to interact with the world within the confines of our current global paradigm. Guidelines for addressing the development of said knowledge and skills have been set forth and are currently being utilized by various organizations and educators. In this website, you will be able to avail yourself of resources and best practices from an array of sources. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Asia Society Global Competence Domains are examples of such resources. I will endeavor to provide a list of available resources based on ky current experiences but please do not limit yourself to what is presented here. 

The Four Domains of Global Competence presented by the Asia Society form an excellent launch pad for delving into Teaching for Global Competence: 

I. Investigate the World

II. Recognize Perspectives

III. Communicate Ideas

IV. Take Action

These domains can be utilized as a guide to access, learn about and interact with any topic of relevance to our world. Students can engage in social issues, interact with people from other parts of their community, country or world. 


February 11, 2025


World Affairs Council Model Junior United nations Program

Learning from Each Other

Ciudadano Mundial is my take on Global Citizenry in our modern world.  An educator's perspective on what it takes to educate our students as we prepare them to become the leaders and creators of their own future. 


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