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 For Lifelong Learners           and Educators 


 At you will be able to access information and links to international, local, educational, and technology-based resources for making global competency accessible to yourself as an educator and to your students. You will also find a model unit plan, lessons, and examples of connections from common core standards to global standards as well as models for assessing global competence in your class, school, and district.

The information age ushered in an era of interconnectivity that is unprecedented in our history. As a result, global borders have been blurred and replaced with interactions between countries, people, businesses, and cultures. In order to function as a global citizen students must be prepared with the skills to engage in all of these scenarios. This requires levels of sensitivity, compassion, and understanding that can be developed through the acquisition of global competencies. 

A model for developing these competencies includes "The Four Domains of Global Competence" which include: Investigate the World, Recognize Perspectives, Communicate Ideas, and Take Action. This model can serve as a roadmap for teaching and developing the necessary global competencies students should have to engage as global citizens.

This site is intended as a resource for educators as they prepare themselves for engaging students in the pursuit of Global Competence skills. Educating for Global Competence is important in our modern era as a means of engaging students in issues of global importance.


World Affairs Council Model Junior United Nations Program

                                       Jose Luis Ramos

Experienced Teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education management industry. I am currently teaching Middle Years Reading English Language Arts at Cook Wissahickon Elementary (K-8) with the School district of Philadelphia. My background includes Bilingual dual language teaching,  English as a Second Language (ESL), Service Learning, Classroom Management, Lesson Planning, and Public Speaking.

Strong education professional with certifications in K-8, Middle Years Reading English Language Arts, Middle Years Social Studies, and an ESL Certificate focused on Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language/ESL Language Instructor from Penn State University: Abington. William Penn Fellow: Watershed Education Curriculum Development.  Graduate of the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute. Fulbright Scholar: Teaching for Global Competence 2019-2020

“When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world”- Shai Reshef


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